Renona Rehabilitation

We help children


Renona Rehabilitation was established to provide the highest quality professional care in the treatment of cerebral palsy and musculoskeletal disorders. Its name was created by combining two words. The beginning of the word ” Re ” as “rehabilitation”, a service we provide in the highest quality and the word ” Nona “, as the name of the Roman goddess who developed the thread of life.

We have prepared comprehensive design concepts for promotional materials according to the corporate identity. It was essential to create a sense of professional health organization and unification of various marketing materials. The web design of the company’s website, its technical design and programming in a CMS system, which the client can control, add texts, articles and update, was a matter of course. We also do not forget about digital projects and communication on social networks. With a pre-prepared editorial plan, but also with ad hoc contributions from the life of the organization.