Via institute

Visual identity for …


The task of this project was the branding of a new brand, under which Silvia Gallová, MCC – an expert in the field of coaching, mentoring and supervision – performs. At the same time, there was a need for a comprehensive visual identity system that would not only use the theme of graphic design, but provide sufficiently diverse tools for both the web and presentations. We designed a new logo, but also a brand identity to suit all the services Via institute offers.

Already the brand name (Via – from the Latin word for journey) was a great inspiration for the logo design. We are on the road to wholeness and autonomy. We start at one point and work towards another. These two points are a strong element that works well on their own. Their geometric imperfection expresses the malleability of human perception. By combining both elements a dynamic ambigram was created.

The main graphic theme is based on a specific colour palette, which includes a vibrant colour palette that goes beyond the stereotypes of pure pastel colours traditionally associated with women. It expresses Silvia’s high expertise, professionalism, dynamism, but also her human approach to her clients.

The typography consists of a pair of contrasting fonts. A distinctive flared serif designed for the main headlines and a simple modern and easy to read sans serif with interesting contextual alternatives for subheadlines and body text.

These two themes give the brand the right tools to create diverse yet understandable content. They can also be used in illustrations or illustrations combined with photographs.


The project also included presentations as a key tool in client meetings and training sessions, which also received a new look in terms of a new visual brand identity. Simplicity and pure geometry are maintained, using the psychology of colour and the clear symbolism of shapes to help better understand the content of the unifying themes themselves.