Allianz Technology

The volunteer event helps the dogs

The first volunteer event with Animal Freedom was a great success, so the company’s management decided to repeat this success. And it’s here Give a good thing 2021 to Allianz Technology. We helped not only with a significant gift, 28 bags of quality granules, “havkáky” will have a long time to eat, but especially with their time, human presence to make this world better. But the dogs gave it back to us 100 times with their love and gratitude. We sincerely thank you for sharing dogs with Svoboda zvířat. It was literally a microevent, but the intensive afternoon with the dogs, a demonstration of service dog training and a walk in the woods were very enjoyed by all Allianz Technology employees.

We did a good thing

A corporate event that can not only unite the team but also help in the end? Yes, it is possible. It was a volunteer event, and team building, whose “motto” remains Dac pac for a good cause. Dog walking with Animal Freedom is always a good idea. The client appreciates the volunteer event and we are looking forward to four-legged friends again. So give it a good thing.