London Light

Exhibition Danubius Gastro

The company London Light sro is the official distributor of quality design lighting and luminaires for interior, exterior and special lighting for bathrooms and a complete range of lighting for hotels and restaurants or cafes with a specific design. They excel in high quality workmanship and have rightly won many design awards. Our task was to create, design a graphic, creative solution, where the products would be presented as best as possible and bring the visitor the feeling that he had the lamps already installed in his plant or at home.

The essence of light

When designing the graphic design, we opted for a dark design for the exhibition stand. The exhibition stand is just an ideal backdrop that will make the lamps stand out. Likewise, simple and space-saving furniture does not distract the visitor unnecessarily. It was chosen to be color and material linked to the visuals in the photos. They represent the world of luxury hotels and top restaurants that offer professional services in a design environment. Overall, the visitor felt as if he were entering a hotel room or restaurant and could directly experience the feeling of the light he saw on his skin.