Slovak Land Fund

Exhibition Agrokomplex 2019

The Agrokomplex exhibition in Nitra is one of the traditional and historically longest exhibitions in Slovakia. And there is no better place for the SPF than to contact citizens directly, introduce them to activities and direct them to places where they can meet their requirements best and most quickly. And that’s why we were approached to design and design the exhibition stand.

Exhibition stand with THE FRAGRANCE OF THE EARTH

In 2019, we received an assignment from an SPF client. One of the criteria was the already agreed size and location within the Agrokomplex complex. Otherwise, we were given a free hand and prepared a tailor-made design, the actual technical implementation and production of the exhibition stand. At this stand, we were able to start applying the previously proposed new, current SPF visual style and new corporate identity. The exhibition stand is attractive, friendly and open to exhibition visitors. Visually and color-wise, we adapted the design to the soil colors, which is also the main activity of SPF.

image promotional video

In addition to the graphic design of the exhibition stand, we also prepared graphics and prints of various promotional materials, which were distributed as information materials within the exhibition center. Banners, leaflets, beach flags and others. You could say that it was a small advertising campaign as part of a larger whole. Part of our work was also an image promotional video, which was screened at the exhibition stand.